A New Strain of Turmeric: Okinawan Fall Turmeric

Turmeric has been grown and consumed by people from all different countries for hundreds of years.

Each with their own reason and remedy.

One farmer of Okinawa, Japan decided to cultivate a strain of Fall Turmeric to strengthen the health benefits even further.

This strain is called Okinawan Fall Turmeric, orOkinawa Ogon’ in Japanese, meaning ‘Okinawa Emperor’.

沖縄 皇金

The farmer and creator of this turmeric strain named it this because the Japanese Emperor himself visited the store and awarded the turmeric good the ‘Emperor’s Cup‘ for outstanding quality and impressive hybridization that contributes to the health of the people.

Compared to common Fall Turmeric often sold in stores, Okinawan Fall Turmeric:

Grows 5 times taller and larger

Has anti-oxidant activity that is 2 times stronger

It contains 22 times stronger tetrahydrocurcuminoids, or THCS

Tetrahydrocurcuminoids show powerful anti-oxidant activity within turmeric



The left side of the photo is Okinawan Fall Turmeric and the right side is common Fall Turmeric.

The rhizomes of Okinawan Fall Turmeric are significantly larger.

Okinawan Fall Turmeric, New Strain of Turmeric, Turmeric comparison graph

This is a graph by the Japanese Food Research Laboratories created on June 7, 2013.  It exemplifies the ‘Amount Comparison of Reactive Oxygen (i.e. Free Radicals) Absorption Capacity’. In other words, Okinawan Fall Turmeric absorbs 2 times more dangerous free radicals than common Fall Turmeric.

The creation of this new turmeric strain was completely natural. Rather than using chemicals in a lab to enhance the abilities of turmeric, this Okinawan farmer took the natural path: using his knowledge of plant hybridization often used by farmers and gardeners.

The local Okinawan’s have been able to consume this type of turmeric for decades. This type of turmeric is bred and only offered in Okinawa, Japan. Have you ever tried it?



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