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Turmeric has been grown and consumed by people from all different countries for hundreds of years. Each with their own reason and remedy. One farmer of Okinawa, Japan decided to cultivate a strain of Fall Turmeric to strengthen the health benefits even further. This strain is called Okinawan Fall Turmeric, or ‘Okinawa Ogon’ in Japanese, meaning ‘Okinawa Emperor’. 沖縄 皇金 The farmer and creator of this turmeric strain named it this because the Japanese Emperor himself
Ginger Family  Curcuma longa L. Do you know how many types of turmeric there are on this planet? There are approximately 30 varieties, each with their own characteristics and effects.  India and Bangladesh are commonly known for their use of turmeric in food. If you have eaten and love Indian-style food than you are well aware that turmeric and other spices are often used together in various dishes. However, did you know Japan uses turmeric
Fukujurai Tea in a cup

A Rare Okinawan Tea: Fukujurai Tea

Posted on 2017-10-27

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Fukujurai Tea A Rare Okinawan Tea Ingredients and Health Benefits Okinawan Best-selling Health Tea – Created in 1982 – Blend of 38 Plants The Japanese name of the tea Fukujurai means: ‘Long life and happiness to come’ What do people think about Fukujurai Tea? It goes down easy, tastes good yet tastes different from other teas. What is so great about it? It contains a ton of amino acids, vitamins, and other nutrients. Why drink it? Get more
Coffee Family Morinda citrifolia L. Noni- pronounced: (No-nee) The fruit of the Noni tree has a strong, tart taste and is packed with minerals and vitamins. Noni is cultivated in countries such as Polynesia, East Australia, China, Philippines, Taiwan, and Japan’s Okinawa prefecture. It has been consumed in Polynesian culture as a general tonic and in traditional Chinese medicine for numerous ailments for centuries. It is being used by the Japanese people for a variety of