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Gourd Family Momordica charantia L. The Green Heart of Okinawa that contributes to the Okinawan’s long life expectancy Okinawans have been eating Goya for centuries. Within Japan, Goya is a representative vegetable of Okinawa, meaning Japanese instantly think of Goya when Okinawan food is mentioned. When an Okinawan restaurant pops up in Tokyo you know this vegetable will definitely be on the menu. When tourists visit Okinawa they know Goya tea, Goya supplements, Goya snacks,
Dogbane Family Gymnema Sylvestre Gymnema Sylvestre originates from India but is cultivated all the way in Okinawa and all subtropical and tropical areas in between. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for countless years but is used for one particular reason today. Two widely spread ailments affecting millions of people can utilize the leaves of this regular looking plant: diabetes and obesity. While basic information on this plant is scarce, the research on its sugar-reducing
Ginger Family Alpinia zerumbet or Alpinia speciosa The Getto plant can be found in most Okinawan people’s backyards and alongside many streets and paths of the island. It is not just used as a beautiful decoration though. It is used for a variety of ailments, food, and makeup in Japan. It is mainly cultivated in Japan and China and surrounding country areas of Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. It is also found in South Florida, Hawaii,
People decades ago did not go to a gym or run marathons. They did not lift weights or body-build. They just moved their body every. day. You do not need to exercise as hard or as much as you may think. Sitting in one spot for many hours of the day is a common occurrence now for millions of people all over the world. Most people are not moving enough during the day since sitting is
Parsley Family Peucedanum japonicum Japanese plant native to Okinawa  Chomeiso (cho-may-so) is a well-known, traditional herb on the island of Okinawa but virtually unheard of outside of Okinawa, Japan. It is also known as ‘Sakuna‘ in Japanese, but there is no English name assigned to the plant due to its rarity! The Japanese characters are 長(cho – long) 命(mei – life) 草(so – grass) Chomeiso has only in recent years been researched for its compounds
Citrus Family Citrus Depressa Japanese plant native to Okinawa and Taiwan Shikuwasa or Shikwasa (Shee-koo-wah-sah/Sheek-wah-sah) is a popular fruit in Okinawa. The word Shikuwasa means ‘eating vinegar‘ in Okinawan language. It is not only Okinawans who love Shikuwasa drinks and flavored foods, but also tourists from China, Korea, and all over the world who come to Okinawa to buy Shikuwasa goods. The fruit turns yellow when fully ripened but used while it is still small