Shisa Statues ~ Married Shisa ~ Male and Female Pair

Shisa Statues ~ Married Shisa ~ Male and Female Pair


Married Shisa: One Female and One Male (Connected)

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Shisa are symbols of protection and typically placed in front of entrances to protect households, but you can place these Shisas in any area no matter how small or big!


Keep away from moisture and intense heat.

Created by: Akara Gallery Artists – Akiyo Yagi

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Married Shisa

Male and Female Pair

♥ Male shisa typically have their mouths open, whereas the female shisa has her mouth closed. There are multiple reasons behind the positioning of a shisa mouth but the open mouth represents welcoming in fortune and consuming negativity whereas the closed mouth represents keeping in the good fortune.

♥ Shisa are typically placed in entrances or on the rooftops of homes.

♥ These shisa are married and are known as ‘En Musubi Shisa’ in Japanese; ‘en’ means fate/destiny and ‘musubi’ means to tie or become binded; overall meaning a destined togetherness and marriage.

℘ What else?: These shisa were designed by Naka Bokunen. This particular pair of shisa would make the perfect wedding gift and would assist in bringing the newlywed couple good fortune. If you’d like to learn more about the fascinating shisa, check out the blog post here: The Story of Shisa in Okinawa

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