Planet Series ~ Ryukyu Glass ~ 8 Planets and The Sun

Planet Series ~ Ryukyu Glass ~ 8 Planets and The Sun


Ryukyu Glass Planet Series: Earth, Mars, Sun, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Mercury, Venus, Saturn

No glass is the same and each one slightly varies from the picture. Whichever glass you own will be unique to you!

Suggested Use:

You can use these beautiful glasses for drinks, potted plants, light holders or anything else that will illuminate the beauty of these handcrafted Ryukyu glasses.


Not microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe during fragile cycle only. Hand-washing suggested.

Manufactured by: Yuimarlu

Go to our blog post to read more about the history and making of Ryukyu Glass ⇒

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Product Description

Ryukyu Glass: Planet Series

Due to the lack of resources after World War II, Okinawans utilized the empty Cola and beer bottles thrown out by the American military who occupied the island. The bottles were melted and remade into what is now famously known as Ryukyu Glass today.  Recycling and reutilizing already available resources is a part of the Okinawan way of thinking, an obvious mindset when living on an island with a limited amount of land and raw materials.

Each local takes on a special design particular to their personal taste and their store. The surrounding environment, traditional or modern culture, animals and many other factors influence the creation of the glasses. Light and shade are also important factors and taken into consideration when embossing. Now Ryukyu Glass is formed into all different styles and colors. No Ryukyu Glass is exactly the same and each has it’s own slight differences, whether it be in color, bubbles, shape or design.

These glasses are not only used for drinks, as many locals use them for holding objects, such as food, chopsticks, lights or plants. Make use of the beauty around you and get creative.

Go to our blog post to read more about the history and making of Ryukyu Glass ⇒

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Planets Ryukyu Glass

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