Okinawan Turmeric Tea ~ Turmeric, Goji Berry, Cinnamon Blend ~ 15 tea bags

Okinawan Turmeric Tea ~ Turmeric, Goji Berry, Cinnamon Blend ~ 15 tea bags


Okinawan Turmeric Tea: Turmeric, Hatomugi (Job’s Tears), Ryukyu Mugwort, Persimmon Leaves, Polypore, Goji Berry, Senna Seeds, Mandarin Peel, Chinese Licorice, Cinnamon

Suggested Use:

Boil water and steep tea bag to desired taste. Lightly mix tea bag around and then take it out. Enjoy hot or cold!


Keep away from moisture, heat, and sunlight. Store in a cool, dry place.

Manufactured by: Nakazen

※Efficacy and results vary person to person.
※If you experience unpleasant symptoms or a medical reaction, please suspend use of the good immediately.
・No additives
・No preservatives
・No added coloring

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Product Description

Okinawan Turmeric Tea

15 tea bags – 2 grams each

What is in this Okinawan Turmeric Tea:

♥ turmeric tea is loved for its relief of those with a cold or flu symptoms, inflammation such as arthritis or acne, and stomach or bowel problems

♥ turmeric tea can often taste bitter and unpleasant, but this blend contains citrus, cinnamon, and more for an enjoyable cup of tea at any time of the day or year

♥ uncommonly seen Okinawa plants are also added to this tea for a taste you can’t find anywhere else

℘How to use: put one tea bag in a cup of hot water and steep to taste. Steep a short time for a lighter taste or a few more minutes for a stronger taste.

℘What else?: Turmeric, a member of the ginger family, has rightfully gained a lot of attention recently but has been a staple ingredient in South and Southeast Asia cooking for thousands of years. With its distinct yellow color and delightful spicy flavor, turmeric is mainly known as the prominent spice in curries but can be used in a variety of both savory and sweet dishes due to its versatility. It is frequently used in Ayurvedic practices and has been revered as the ‘spice of life’ due to its active ingredient, curcumin. Because it is most commonly associated with Indian and Bangladeshi cuisines, some people are surprised to hear that a wide variety of turmeric is grown locally in Okinawa. In fact, Ukon (the Okinawan name for turmeric) has been used for centuries in its natural form and as a powder in food and teas or more recently in tablet form.

*It is recommended to take black pepper with turmeric to aid in its absorption.

Additional Information

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