Nuchi Gusui ~ Nutrition-Packed, Green Smoothie Powder ~ 15 or 60 Sticks

Nuchi Gusui ~ Nutrition-Packed, Green Smoothie Powder ~ 15 or 60 Sticks


Nuchi Gusui Powder Sticks: Young Barley Leaves, Mulberry Leaves, Brown Sugar, Reduced Maltose, Kale, Chomeiso, Aloe Vera, Dietary Fiber (Digestion Resistant Dextrin), Starch, Yomogi (Wormwood) Powder, Chlorella, Ginger Powder, Sweet Potato Leaves, Plant Fermentation Extract (Dextrin, Beet Sugar, Brown Sugar, Maltose, Yomogi (Wormwood), Turmeric, Dokudami (Chameleon Plant), Kranz Aloe, Asian Ginseng, Soy Bean, Banana, Yamaimo (Japanese Mountain Yam), Apple), Lactic Acid Bacteria, Goya, Broccoli, Asparagus, Okra, Komatsuna (Japanese Mustard Spinach), Pumpkin, Radish Leaves, Parsley, Spinach

Suggested Use:

  1. Pour 100ml~150ml of cold or hot water into a cup.
  2. Pour in one stick of Nuchi Gusui powder.
  3. Mix well.


Keep away from moisture, heat, and sunlight. Store in a cool, dry place.

Manufactured by: Okinawa Chosei Yakuso Headquarters

※Efficacy and results vary person to person.
※If you experience unpleasant symptoms or a medical reaction, please suspend use of the good immediately.
・No additives
・No preservatives
・No added coloring

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Product Description

Nuchigusui Powder Sticks

15 or 60 sticks type

℘Nuchigusui, which literally translates to ‘life medicine’, is a unique blend of 16 local ingredients, mostly vegetables used to create a delicious green powder.

℘It’s a nutritional powerhouse containing young barley leaves, kale, sweet potato leaves, goya, chlorella, aloe, and kokuto (local, minimally processed brown sugar for a bit of sweetness) from Okinawa, and Kyushu barley leaves, mulberry leaves, ginger, broccoli, pumpkin, parsley, okra, asparagus, and komatsuna (Japanese Mustard Spinach) from Japan.

℘Our Nuchigusui Green Juice comes in convenient-to-carry individual serving packages and mixes easily with water. It tastes delicious and can help you reach your daily vegetable needs!

Additional Information

Weight 150 g
2 Nuchigusui Powder Stick Types

15 Packets, 60 Packets


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