Noni Juice Trial Size ~ Pure, Organic Noni Juice ~ 180 ml

Noni Juice Trial Size ~ Pure, Organic Noni Juice ~ 180 ml


Noni Juice: 100% Noni Juice

This is the trial size for you to try it before committing to the full size!

Suggested Use:

Shake and pour 1-2 shots (30 ml) a day or when desired.


Refrigerate after opening.

Manufactured by: Nakazen

※Efficacy and results vary person to person.
※If you experience unpleasant symptoms or a medical reaction, please suspend use of the good immediately.
・No additives
・No preservatives
・No added coloring


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Product Description

100% Pure Noni Juice

180 ml

What Makes Our Noni Juice Special:

♥ made from pure noni fruit and juiced on sight

♥ not diluted with water or other fruit juices, no preservatives, and no added sugar

♥ smell: strong aroma of fresh fermentation and pungency

♥ taste: the sweet and tart sensation of caramel molasses mixed with the bitterness of dark, red wine or blue cheese

℘Suggested Drinking Style: After shaking, prepare a small amount of about 1 fluid ounce (~30 ml) and drink straight about 1-2 times a day or as desired. Given its rather pungent taste, it is recommended in small quantities on its own or, for a more enjoyable flavor, mixed with your favorite fruit or vegetable juice. 

℘What else?: Okinawans have long understood the benefits of fermenting their foods and drinks. Our Pure Noni Juice is for those familiar with the strength of fermented noni and the health benefits that come with its daily consumption. This Okinawan Noni Juice is for those willing to start making it a part of their daily routine or want comfort in knowing their noni juice is organic and grown clean.

Word of caution when consuming Noni juice:

*Causes high levels of potassium: consult your doctor if you have any conditions that will be negatively affected by high levels of potassium.

*Not recommended for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, have kidney problems, or diseases of the liver.

Additional Information

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