NANO Fucoidan Extract ~ Nano Technology Series ~ 60 Sticks

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Nano Technology Series – Fucoidan Extract: Mozuku Seaweed Extract (Okinawa Grown), Dextrin, Soy Lecithin, Trehalose, Calcium Phosphate

Suggested Use:

It is recommended to take about 1-2 sticks a day mixed in liquid (water, hot water, juice, etc.) for maximum benefit potential.


Keep away from moisture, heat, and sunlight. Store in a cool, dry place.

Manufactured by: Kanehide Bio

※Efficacy and results vary person to person.
※If you experience unpleasant symptoms or a medical reaction, please suspend use of the good immediately.
・No additives
・No preservatives
・No added coloring

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Product Description

NANO Fucoidan Extract ~ Nano Technology Series

Dissolvable Fucoidan Powder

60 Sticks – 2 g each

♥ NANO Fucoidan Extract uses specialized nanotechnology to create fine, nano-sized particles of pure, high-quality fucoidan

♥ this makes it dissolvable for something quick and easy-to-drink

♥ the fucoidan is grown organically in Okinawa oceans using safe cultivation methods that keep the seaweed safe and clean for consumption

℘What else?: Often people like us want to consume health products like fucoidan as a tasty drink but using typically sold powder proves to clump and not blend well. Dissolvable fucoidan is hard to come by and is usually only found in capsule or tablet form. The NANO series offers fucoidan that dissolves and still gives you the benefits you are looking for. Mix with just water or juices, such as lemon or ginger.

Nutrition Facts: (1 stick, 2 grams)

Energy 9.3kcal, Protein 0.1g, Fat 0.5g,
Carbohydrate 1.3g, Sodium 55.6㎎

Additional Information

Weight 300 g


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