Fucoidan Supplements ~ Mozuku Seaweed and Agaricus Mushroom ~ 250 Tablets


Fucoidan Tablets: Mozuku Seaweed Extract (Okinawa Grown), Dextrin, Maltose Starch Syrup, Agaricus Mushroom Extract (Okinawa Grown), Hardening Oil, Cellulose, Sucrose Ethyl Ester

Consult Your Doctor:

This product is great for the blood, heart, and inhibiting blood clots, so consult your doctor if you are already taking blood thinners or other medications.

Suggested Use:

It is recommended to take about 8 tablets a day with water for maximum benefit potential.


Keep away from moisture, heat, and sunlight. Store in a cool, dry place.

Manufactured by: Kanehide Bio

※Efficacy and results vary person to person.
※If you experience unpleasant symptoms or a medical reaction, please suspend use of the good immediately.
・No additives
・No preservatives
・No added coloring

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Product Description

Fucoidan Seaweed and Agaricus Mushroom Supplements

250 tablets – 200 mg

♥ this fucoidan product received the 23rd Naha City, Okinawa Mayor’s Encouragement Prize

♥ using a special patented method, these tablets contain both Agaricus mycelium extract and fucoidan extract making it a one-of-a-kind Okinawan product

♥ this a superior health food utilizing fucoidan extracted from Mozuku grown in Okinawa oceans as the main ingredient and the total fucoidan content is about 12,500 mg per box

℘What else?: Fucoidan is a big topic in the health food world right now among researchers due to many confirmed physiological functions. It is said to be good for blood flow, arteries, and supports heart health. It is also a good source of dietary fiber. Agaricus mushroom is another powerful ingredient for the heart, blood pressure, blood flow, cholesterol, diabetes, and much more.

Nutritional Facts: (8 tablets, 1.6 grams)

Energy 6.2kcal, Protein 0.06 g, Fat 0.1 g,

Carbohydrate 1.26 g, Sodium 12.4 mg

Additional Information

Weight 100 g


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