Dokudami Tea ~ Chameleon Plant Tea ~ 30 Tea Bags

Dokudami Tea ~ Chameleon Plant Tea ~ 30 Tea Bags


Dokudami Tea:  Dokudami Leaves

Suggested Use:

Boil one tea bag for 1~ minute or to taste.


Keep away from moisture, heat, and sunlight. Store in a cool, dry place.

Manufactured by: Ucchin

※If you experience unpleasant symptoms or a medical reaction, please suspend use of the good immediately.

・No additives ・No preservatives ・No added coloring

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Product Description

Dokudami Tea
90g (3g x 30 bags)

♥ Made with tea leaves grown in Okinawa

♥ Dokudami means ‘poison eliminator’

♥ Also known as ’chameleon plant’, ‘fish herb’, or ‘fish mint’

℘ What else?:

Dokudami, which translates to ‘poison eliminator’ and known by its scientific name houttuynia cordata, is a flowering plant that grows in moist and dark areas. It has been given English names such as ‘fish mint’ or ‘fish herb’ because when you press the leaves, it produces an odor similar to fish. Dokudami has been used as a traditional herbal remedy and medicine for many years, mainly to detox the body and rids it of harmful bacteria, hence its name. Dokudami also has antihistamine agents, reducing the effects of allergies and is loaded with antioxidants to prevent damage to cells brought on from environmental factors. This tea is perfect for detox of any nasty bugs!


Additional Information

Weight 150 g


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