Bokunen Naka ~ Woodblock and Reverse Coloring ~ Replica Extra Large Size (Express Shipping Only)

Bokunen Naka ~ Woodblock and Reverse Coloring ~ Replica Extra Large Size (Express Shipping Only)


Bokunen Naka: An artist who uses woodblocks and reverse coloring to create beautiful scenes of Izena and Okinawa island.

*Please check further details below*

Size: Extra Large

Roughly 630mm L × 620mm W × 20mm H

Manufactured by: Akara Gallery

Go to our blog post to read more about Bokunen Naka ⇒

Ah! 'Aa'Ah! 'Aa'Blue Cliff Fuji 'Seiho FujiBlue Cliff Fuji 'Seiho FujiCoral Reef Sky 'Shogen no Sora'Coral Reef Sky 'Shogen no Sora'Flowers of Dawn 'Akemodoro no Hana'Flowers of Dawn 'Akemodoro no Hana'Graceful Flowers 'Keimyo'Graceful Flowers 'Keimyo'Magnificent Blooming Flowers 'Aiai Kaka'Magnificent Blooming Flowers 'Aiai Kaka'Manifestation 'Arahare'Manifestation 'Arahare'Red Cliff Fuji 'Sekiho Fuji'Red Cliff Fuji 'Sekiho Fuji'Road of Stars 'Hoshi no Michi'Road of Stars 'Hoshi no Michi'Southern Green Gates 'Minami no Ryokumon'Southern Green Gates 'Minami no Ryokumon'Waterfall of Acacia 'Soshiju no Hanataki'Waterfall of Acacia 'Soshiju no Hanataki'Waterfull of Hibiscus 'Bussoge no Hanataki'Waterfull of Hibiscus 'Bussoge no Hanataki'Young Morning Fuji 'Wakaasa Fuji'Young Morning Fuji 'Wakaasa Fuji'
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Product Description

Bokunen Naka

Born in 1953

Izena Island, Okinawa, Japan

*Please Note: These are replicas and not on woodblock. Contact us if you are looking for a specific piece or material.

*Express Shipping Only: It is suggested to buy art separately if you want other products with a different shipping method.


Who is Bokunen, though? He is an Okinawa native, born on Izena island which is situated north-west of mainland Okinawa. Born in 1953, his interest in art started early. Due to a lack of readily available materials on the small island, he quickly used up the typical, square art paper he had at home. His aunt then gave him cement and fertilizer bags to draw on. He was the little boy who would not let any disadvantages stop him by drawing on anything, anywhere at any time. Growing up on farmland surrounded by hard-working farmers, he would sit quietly near the fields so his aunt could watch over him while she worked the land. While waiting for his aunt, he used the clay in the dirt around him to make horse, cattle and other animal figurines and line them up perfectly. Once, his aunt finished and went to get him, but when she saw the display of so many figurines that the number and perfect alignment made her say “it almost felt creepy”. Yet, this was a sign of Bokunen’s artistic future. Read more here ⇒


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