Aroma Stones Set ~ Traditional Okinawan Clay ~ 13 Designs


Aroma Stones made from Traditional Okinawan Clay

Choose between 13 Designs ~ 7 Colors

& 2 Okinawan Aromas: Hibiscus or Shikuwasa

Suggested Use:

Pour 2-3 drips of your favorite aroma on the stone and enjoy! The scent can last for 1-4 days, depending on the aroma oil.


Scrub well when changing aromas if desired. Can withstand high temperatures.

Manufactured by: Arakaki Kawara Kojo

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Product Description

Aroma Stones made with Traditional Okinawan Clay

13 Designs7 Colors – 2 Aromas

♥ These design aroma stones represent the beauty and tradition of Okinawa island using designs and Japanese characters such as beautiful minsa textile, fascinating whale sharks, and mythological shisas

♥ The traditional clay used for these stones is the same clay used on the roofs of traditional Okinawan homes, distinctly different from those in mainland Japan

♥ Each one is made using a press and then handmade to finish, making this a special, rare product only found in Okinawa

℘What else?: Aroma Stones absorb aroma oil and diffuse aroma anywhere they are placed. Put them next to your computer or on the table for a light, continuous aroma you can enjoy whenever you please. Choose your favorite design or mix and match with 13 designs and 7 colors to choose from to go with your decor and atmosphere. The set includes a choice between two Okinawan aromas: hibiscus and shikuwasa!

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Additional Information

Weight N/A
Aroma Stone Design

Bin-Gata Wave, Butterfly Knot, Celebration/Congratulations, Chrysanthemum, Happy Birthday!, Happy!, Hibiscus, Kiss, Long Life, Minsa Textile, Panda, Shisa, Thank You

Aroma Stone Color

, , , , , ,


Hibiscus & Rose, Shikuwasa


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