Aroma Sticks Set ~ Traditional Okinawan Clay ~ 5 Designs


Aroma Sticks Set made from Traditional Okinawan Clay

Suggested Use:

Place the aroma stick into the aroma oil and enjoy! The scent can last for 2-3 weeks or even 1 month, depending on the aroma oil.


Scrub well when changing aromas if desired. Can withstand high temperatures.

Manufactured by: Arakaki Kawara Kojo

~Buy 5 or more and get $3 off

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Product Description

Aroma Sticks made with Traditional Okinawan Clay

5 Designs – 7 Colors

♥ These aroma sticks are made into cute designs, including the traditional, mythological Shisa of Okinawa

♥ The traditional clay used for these sticks is the same clay used on the roofs of traditional Okinawan homes, distinctly different from those in mainland Japan

♥ These work great as gifts for birthdays, weddings, or just for yourself!

℘What else?: Okinawan Aroma Sticks absorb aroma oil and diffuse aroma throughout the day where you place them. This makes any area of the room smell good without using electricity or fire. Choose your favorite among 5 designs and 7 colors. Pick from one of two Okinawan aroma oils options in your set.

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Additional Information

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Aroma Stick Color

Black, Blue, Green, Peach, Red, White, Yellow

Aroma Stick Design

, , , ,


Hibiscus & Rose, Shikuwasa


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