Antibacterial Chopsticks ~ Made from Getto ~ 5 Colors


99% Bacteria-killing Getto Chopsticks

Suggested Use:

May be used like regular chopsticks but with the extra relief knowing these chopsticks are antibacterial.


Do not soak in liquid for long periods of time. Wash thoroughly after use.

Manufactured by: Rich Green

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Product Description

Chopsticks made from Antibacterial Getto

♥ Getto has been recently discovered to have powerful antibacterial properties by keeping bacteria from sticking and living on the surface

♥ studies show it has inhibition effects towards Escherichia coli O-157 and Staphylococcus aureus 

♥ Getto-made assisted-living mats, handlebars, and building materials are being developed due to its bacteria-preventing abilities

℘ What else?: Getto made materials are tested to withstand harsh temperatures ranging within -30°C~ + 120°C. Due to their antibacterial properties, more and more products for everyday use are being produced in an effort to lower the transmission rate of bacteria-related diseases. Many products have bacteria-prevention rates of 99% and these chopsticks are one of them!

Additional Information

Weight N/A
Getto Chopstick Colors

Aquarium Blue, Creamy Brown, Forest Green, Night Black, Shuri Castle Red

Getto Chopstick Sizes

Large, Medium, Small


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