Documentaries on Obesity: Part 1

Is the US the Fattest Country in the World?

There is a lot of information out there today on obesity, but it seems to all lean towards the United States of America. The US has gotten quite a bad rap as the fattest country in the world. This may have been true a few decades ago, but the tables have turned.

Now the majority of countries and their waistlines are growing without realizing it.

Luckily, many different documentaries on various countries prove this. To determine which country is the fattest, you need to consider the percentage of the population overweight in addition to obese and compare it to the overall population.

The percentage of people overweight or obese in Nauru is 94.5%. YES, almost 100%!

The percentage of people overweight or obese in the US ranges from 50-60% depending on the site sourced.

However, the population of Nauru is about 11,400 and the economic situation is much different being an isolated, little island.

To get exact statistics on overweight and obesity rates is a challenge as it is ever changing and varies from country to country. One thing is for sure: it doesn’t matter who is the fattest when everyone’s population is slowly growing larger every year.

To get more insight into other countries and their recent situations, here are three documentaries that can be watched on Youtube.


This is a great example of one of the richest countries with a growing economy where the wealthy are also battling obesity. It is affecting children who will become adults and be working members in future society. Children who are obese have a drastically harder time losing weight as an adult. An obese, adult population cannot be as productive as a healthy, active one.


There is an obesity epidemic in Australia and currently no strategy to fight it. A health crisis that can be helped by a sugar tax is widely debated in politics. It is mentioned the sugar tax will happen but the question is when. Will it be too late by then?


It doesn’t matter the religion, economic status or location, it seems nothing can stop obesity. The customers of the Domino’s Pizza shown in this documentary range from lower class to expensive Mercedes-owning upper class. One reason brought up is Kuwait is a ‘dry country’, a place where alcohol is largely banned, therefore people go to fast food restaurants instead of bars. This may be one reason, but other countries where alcohol is widely consumed and also have climbing obesity rates show it seems to not make a difference.