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100% Organic 

Made in Okinawa, Japan

Support our local farmers and agriculture

Our Vision

Okinawa, the southern most islands of Japan, is a tropical paradise known for its unparalleled beauty, traditional way of life, and unique culture and cuisine. It also happens to be home to some of the longest living and healthiest people on earth. We believe the secrets to their health lie within the traditions and culture of the people only to be hidden by a language and culture barrier.
Our goal at Kenko Leaf is to offer you our favorite, highest quality products from Okinawa. Everything on our site is regionally sourced and naturally grown. We know (and befriend!) all the local producers who are passionate about sharing the best of their island for you to enjoy. We are proud to call Okinawa our home and hope we can bring the culture and taste of Okinawa to you.